29 July 2011

So Long, Farewell!

It's true!  This will be the last post for The Gatekeeper's Lodge, but before committing this blog to online archive, I wanted to post documentation from the culminating project - an exhibition with Eyelevel Gallery in Halifax, called SURVIVAL/SALVATION.  This show was a great chance for me to exhibit the projects I worked on while planning the performance events and occupying the Gatekeeper's Lodge in Point Pleasant Park.

Gallery View 1

Gallery View 2
Chairs from Suburban Shelter with miniature forrest
Statements cut paper works
Statements, detail

Shipwreck, 10 handmade wooden boats

Terrariums based on species at Point Pleasant Park

Terrariums, second set

Detail of Terrariums #24 and #25

Detail of Terrarium #3
Terrarium Field Notes, citing species in Terrariums, Park Region where species can be found, and Latitude Longitude of species
One Week's Hydration, 21 Litres of Holy Well Water from Point Pleasant Park

Thank you so much for reading as this project has taken shape - the archive of this blog will remain in tact and accessible for as long as blogger is running.  A big thanks to the following people and organizations who have made my residency in Point Pleasant Park a successful venture and an amazing moment in my practice:

Point Pleasant Park staff
Point Pleasant Park advisory committee
HRM Open Projects
Jamie MacLellan
Siobhan Wiggins
Survival Systems Inc.
Nova Scotia Museum
Nova Scotia Archives and Records Management
Kim Morgan & 2011 studio class
Matthew Reichertz & 2011 studio class
Robert Zingone & 2011 studio class
Eyelevel Gallery
Michael McCormack
Sarah Burwash
The Khyber 
Christopher Bousquet
Mark Kasumovic
Anna Leonowens Gallery & staff
Sue Carter Flynn
The Coast
The Chronical Herald
CBC Radio

(and last but not least!) All participants who came out to join me in the park and who have visited the blog - may you keep a special place in your heart for Point Pleasant Park and its rich history.  If you have any questions regarding this residency, just leave a comment through the blog and I will reply as soon as possible.

All the best,