14 January 2011

park archives

Nova Scotia Museum photo #79.134.9

Welcome to the Gatekeeper's Lodge in Halifax, Nova Scotia!  From January to May 2011, I'll be activating Point Pleasant Park, and the Gatekeeper's Lodge, with performances and installations as part of an artist's residency with the Halifax Regional Municipality.  In preparation for this adventure, I've been doing a lot of research from the Nova Scotia Museum and the Provincial Archives websites - this image is of the Lodge itself, taken in 1910.
My residency is thematically focused on notions of survival; it is amazing to look over the history of the park as it has changed and survived for over a century.  While the park holds strong ties to its British history, I was surprised to find that the Lodge itself is a sister building to and twin of the Gatehouse at Hughenden Manor, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, UK.

As I do more research, spend time in the park, and my works on site develop, I will post regularly to share my findings with you.  


  1. I am very much looking forward to following your Blog and learning more about PPP.

    Please let us know about opportunities to visit and see your work.

    What an amazing location for an artist in residence !

    Enjoy every miniite of it !

    Best wishes. Sybil

  2. Thanks so much for your note Sybil. As the work progresses, I will definitely be extending invitations to the public for performance and installation dates. I hope to see you in the park!

    Cheers, Aimée