13 April 2011


I am honoured and so overjoyed with the turnout for the third and final Holy Well Excursion.  Final count for the afternoon included 71 participants!! (not including furry companions).   A big thank you to everyone who joined the event, made time in their day to participate, and contributed to the success of this excursion.  I met amazing Haligonians (of ALL ages), folks from Antigonish, Newfoundland and Labrador, and made some new friends that I hope to stay in touch with during the course of this project.

Holy Well Excursion #3 at Prince of Whales Tower

Due to the size of the group, we had 12 lovely volunteers as flag bearers for the group, who also performed our Muster Count, rallying the troop and providing a cohesive, numeric shout-out during the excursion.  I'm pictured above in the obscenely large orange suit, which remains the best method of giving everyone an easy-to-locate beacon during the walk.  

We proceeded from the Gatekeeper's Lodge, down Cambridge Road, up to the Prince of Whales Tower, diverting down Spruce Walk and then joining up with Pine Road.  The Holy Well itself is located along Pine Road, and I have found that many dog walkers already know of its presence because their pups have sniffed out the cool, fresh water!

The excursion wrapped up around 3:30 pm at the Gatekeeper's Lodge, everyone who desired a little momento from the walk received a small jar of water from the holy well and printed matter related to procuring water in survival situations.  I want to thank Allison Saunders from The Coast, Louise Renault from CBC's information morning, and Elissa Barnard from the Chronicle Herald for their interest in the residency and their promotion of the project.

One quick note that may help folks who are looking for the well on their own: the header of this blog is a close-up from a map of the Park, with the well identified on the map!  Have a look for yourself on the full map at the 'it could have been the burbs...' post, as that post will also be the driving force behind the next set of work that I'm undertaking in the park during the month of April.


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